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Web Design

Web Design

A website is the core of your social media / online marketing strategies and activities. If you look at all the marketing platforms and techniques, their aim is to increase visitor traffic to your website. Once you get visitors to your website, the main purpose of a website is turning these visitors into customers – in marketing terms, this is called CONVERSION.   If your marketing strategies are not turning some of your visitors into customers, you might be wasting both time and money on your efforts.

So the better your website is, the more visitors are CONVERTED into your customers.  This holds true no matter if you sell consumer products online, provide local services or build houses and regardless if your base of operations are located in Trinidad and Tobago, New York or London.

Our approach to developing and customising websites for clients and be broken down in the following 6 stages:


The first step is always about meeting with the client and gathering information  – identifying the purpose of the website, goals and target audience (e.g. what does the client hope to accomplish via the website).


Based on discussions in phase 1, we will put together a plan for the proposed site for the client to review and signoff on.

Phase 3: DESIGN

Next we will customise a design to match the agreed plan for the website.


Where needed, we will create the required content for the website, including the relevant graphic needed.  This includes working with the client to select the right text, photos and video to accurately reflect their online branding.

 Phase 5: TESTING

Next we will test the website to make sure it is operating the way it should, including making sure it is responsive (visually effective on different platforms e.g. laptops, phones and tablets) and compatibility with major browsers.


After the site is launched, we will monitor it for several days, enabling us to make any required adjustments that may be needed.

In addition to the above, clients can also engage our services to manage the future maintenance (e.g. security patches) and updates to content (e.g. text, photos and videos).

Contact us to hear more about social media marketing opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago. Email us at info@supernova-tt.com or via the this link http://www.supernova-tt.com/contact-us

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